NOBILE introduces the new way for initiate and control the turning. Autorocker technology redefines the approach to the ski construction and the reason why and how the ski turns. Massive flex and torsion engineering replaces the side cut and rocker as the factors that initiate and control the turning. In common ski constructions flex and torsion resistance are inseparably connected. Increasing the torsional resistance indispensable leads to loose the ski's flexibility. Our patented APS technology allows to design the skis with big overall flex in combination with massive torsion resistance (up to 35% more compared to skis without the APS). APS allows to separate the torsional resistance from flex, and independently design both of them.






Huge amount of flex, especially at the tip and tail of the ski allows this part of the ski to change to rocker shape when initiating the turn. When turning it allows to change the turning radius depending on rider's will, no matter the turning phase. When riding in deep snow the surface resistance automatically rises the tip of the ski and automatically creates the rocker. In freeride and all-mountain skis the rocker increases when turning and helps to stick out of the deep snow.


Autorocker is an unique solution, that by engineering the flex of the ski significantly increases the turning abilities and gives full control of the turning radius when riding. Autorocker also allows for smooth change the profile of the ski (from camber to rocker) when riding.


All Nobile skis feature the Autorocker concept for initiate and control turns, no matter the discipline - from GS 195 FIS up to Freeride and All-mountain models (Nobile Trapezium and 50/50).





Unique combination of three innovative technological solutions (AUTOROCKER, APS, TRAPEZIUM SHAPE), which cooperate and complement each other, thus ensuring great riding qualities. TECH TRIANGLE is implemented in all Nobile skis models.




Thanks to uniquely designed ski flexibility, this solution perfectly improves its torsion, enabling the active control of turning radius. It also enables the fluent change during the ride between the „camber“ and „rocker“ profile, depending on the type of snow you ride on. Due to that, when riding on the hard snow you make the best of „camber“, while if getting into soft snow or powder, the „rocker“ automatically activates.


APS Core Technology (Added Pre Stress by Nano Technology)

Polish worldwide patent. During the process of forming ski inside the press, an innovative technology of initial stress is implemented. During this process page fibers are permanently stretched into wavy form, thus storing the energy in ski’s core. In the end we achieve the effect of comfortable yet dynamic ski with optimally fitted stiffness, which is nice to ride and grips on the edge perfectly, due to longitudinal twisting. This technology enables to use less materials, thanks to which the ski is lighter than standard structures.



Trapezium shape of ski affects the easy turn initiation, as well as stable ride on and off the track. A long sidecut radius makes the ski extremely reliable at high speed and ride ahead. Thanks to Trapezium Shape, a ski’s „snaking“ – known from carving skis, as well as vibrations on the shovels and tails have been totally eliminated. Main features: easy turning on steep slopes, stability when turning and riding ahead with high speed.