VIST BINDINGS – Functionality and Security


From a security standpoint, the binding is the most important accessory of a skier’s equipment. The VIST bindings fulfill both domestic and international regulations (DIN / ISO 9465, DIN / ISO 9462) and are certified by accredited independent bodies. Its construction and the combination of quality materials guarantee elevated functionality, while precise assembly by hand ensures maximum quality during both competitive and non-competitive performance.


The VIST bindings are designed with a modern focus, allowing for a vast range of possibilities for customization: thanks to the SpeedLock PIN system and the interchangeable components, such as the toe binding and lever coverings, the ski stoppers and the AFD/DIR (FREE Series), combined with the vast selection of colors and shapes from which to choose, it is possible to create the most suitable combination for your personal taste and needs, without clashing with the color scheme of the rest of your equipment.  The VIST bindings are a synthesis of innovation, functionality, security, performance and ease of use at maximum levels. The latest models bring together extraordinary lightness and maneuverability with speedy assembly and adjustability. On top of this, a particular attention to detail and the exclusive component design allow for a unique and unmistakable look.






PRO ATHLETE Series – Bindings for Professionals


The Pro Athlete bindings reach maximum levels of performance, precision and functionality. Their stability and perfect force transmission render them suitable for even the most demanding of uses and are recommended especially for athletes and professionals. In particular, the V1018 and V816 versions are the top range of what VIST offers: conceived for World Cup races, they are also ideal for Extreme Freeriding, where the bindings are especially strained. The V614, V412 and V311 versions are instead aimed towards professionals and enthusiasts who want to ski with total security to the maximum of their own performance capability. The PRO ATHLETE bindings can be mounted on all skis with or without the patented VIST SpeedLock and QuickLock systems.



PERFORMANCE Series – Performance & Passion


A step down from the Pro Athlete Series, this binding is made from more lightweight materials and is aimed toward skiers of every level.  Its simplified construction renders it accessible to a vaster audience, while remaining desirable for competitive performance. The PERFORMANCE bindings can be mounted on all skis with or without the patented VIST SpeedLock and QuickLock systems.



SPORT Series – Pleasure and Fun


The bindings in the Sport Series are distinguished by their lightness and their streamlined design, without abandoning the elevated standard in design materials, security, performance and ease of use. They guarantee simple assembly and quick adjustment, lighter weight and top functionality, making them equally appropriate for rentals. They are intended for skiers of all levels. The SPORT bindings couple exclusively with VIST’s Speedcom and Speedspacer plates.






APT (Advanced Pin Technology). Quick assembly


Anchor a binding to the plate quickly by means of special pins (without the use of screws).

IMC (Innovative Modular Construction). Personalized look and performance.

Interchangeability of certain components of the binding allows the skier the possibility to personalize their binding based on their individual taste and needs.



Toe Technology


X-KEY Joint. 3 metal pivot joints, sensitive to every movement.

X-KEY Joint is the exclusive toe clamp system via three metal pivot joints, which, as documented by TÜV, are sensitive to every movement and guarantee immediate release for all kinds of falls. The applied materials ensure correspondence to DIN standards for greater durability.



TSC (Twin Spring Control). A second spring for security and performance.

TSC Technology assures maximum security in every direction during boot release, simultaneously guaranteeing an elevated grade of precision and performance. The second spring guarantees gradual control of vertical movement, cushioning impact in the event of a backwards fall.



ASA (Auto Sole Adjustment). Always at the right height

A spring positioned behind the binding permits it’s automatic adaptation to height of the boot’s sole, ensuring constant contact.



4 RSS (4 Roller Safety System). Reduced friction

Between the binding and the boot, the lateral friction is reduced to a minimum thanks to the intelligent use of 2+2 mini rollers.



VB (Vertical Block). Perfect vertical stability

Thanks to the use of rubber inserts, VIST bindings guarantee an optimal vertical retention, which is particularly necessary for athletes and competitive skiers.



AFD (Anti Friction Device). Transmission without friction

In VIST bindings, force transmission is optimized thanks to a larger contact surface for the toe of the boot via an interchangeable Teflon insert.  The use of Teflon also guarantees minimum resistance and maximum security during release.


SP X-KEY JOINT. 2 metal pivot joints sensitive to every movement.


X-KEY Joint is an exclusive toe clamp system, which by means of two metal pivot joints, is sensitive to every movement, guaranteeing immediate release for all kinds of falls.


SP TSC – A second spring for security and performance

TSC Technology ensures maximum security in every direction during boot release, simultaneously guaranteeing an elevated grade of precision and performance.  The “omega” spring guarantees a gradual control of vertical movement, cushioning impact in the event of a backwards fall.


DIR (Dynamic Intelligent Release). Antifriction system or intelligent release

An innovative technology: in situations of falling or twisting, knees and limbs suffer less pressure and are consequently more secure.





SSI (Solid Step In). Secure binding

Reliable detection of entry into the binding thanks to one clear sound (click).



One-piece heel lever made of plastic material. With a fairly good grip, it ensures good performance for basic bindings up to a maximum of 10 DIN. Allows a safe grip of the boot even with a snow depth of up to 4-5 mm.



Two-piece heel lever made of steel, ensuring high stability and locking of the boot. Excellent grip and performance for bindings with adjustments up to 12 DIN. Allows a safe grip of the boot even with a snow depth of up to 5-6 mm.



Anchoring the binding onto the plate is extremely quick due to the steel 16 PIN, forgoing the use of traditional screws.  The result is extreme stability and an individualized trim.  This patented VIST mechanism is exclusive to the SpeedLock system. Compatible with SpeedLock system.


There are no restraints to any system: the binding can be freely mounted on any kind and any brand of ski. Anchoring with screws is used, for example, in a simple fashion on the X-Step line without using the mounting jig. Compatible with every type of ski or plate.



The toe and the heel can be slid and fixed in to the most ideal position with the rail system.  This system is intended for QuickLock, SpeedCom and SpeedSpacer, patent-protected and is distinguished by its lightness and the ability to adjust the binding’s position in little to no time. Compatible with QuickLock system.





Ski bindings are developed so as to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum, a risk, however, that cannot be completely eliminated. Be aware of the fact that no binding can be assured to release with absolute certainty in all conditions and circumstances.


Skiing should be conducted only under the best safety conditions, with the best physical preparation and with respect to the most up-to-date skiing regulations, as indicated by FIS